But why?

“But why?”

Two words I seem to have heard a lot over the last year or so. And lately, as the days have been growing shorter and the weather more Scottish, I’ve suddenly found myself asking it too.

The biggest #butwhy moment since Marathon came on Tuesday evening, after swimming, head full of chlorine and swim-buzz, as I set my alarm for 05.30 the next morning. To go for a run. Hilarious. What in the name of fuck has happened to me.

So. Why 5.30am, you ask? Good bloody question…

Because, basically, I have a full time job, and if I want to be serious about this Triathlon lark, come January, I’ll have to double up on at least 2 days a week to get the miles in the bank. So it’s better to get used to it now than have to face that prospect for the first time on a freezing cold morning midway through a Scottish winter.

I’m often asked why I bother with all of this. I’m asked by people who want to do it, and people who absolutely definitely hella-no don’t. When I talk to anyone about Marathon training, it’s like I drift up and out of my body, listen to my chatter about ruined hip-flexors, lateral tendon damage, thickened connective tissue, posterior tibialis pain, 4 hour runs at 7am on a Sunday, exhaustion, 2 week throat infections, lethargy, corns, back pain and migraines and think…. YOU FUCKING WEIRDO, THAT SOUNDS SHIT.

You are correct if you think that.

But…… Then I remember how it felt to cross the line. And how it will feel next time I run a marathon knowing that all the little niggles are normal and not scary and it’s just me getting stronger and then I get a medal and free stuff and beer. I also have the pleasure of knowing that I am awesome. (And so modest) I raised £1300 in the end for Maggie’s Centres which is phenomenal (Again, THANK YOU!). I ran 26.2 miles (I did have to limp a few though of those, granted). I pushed through that pain and fucking DID IT.

So. You can do it to, you know. It’s not easy, I promise you, but it’s worth putting on your to do list if you can commit the time and balls. (not just determination. Actual balls of steel. It’s a sodding long way to run.)


To the people who might want to do it but are not sure if they can… I trained myself to complete a marathon. It took me fucking ages to finish it, but I finished it and didn’t come last and I got a medal and an ice cream and the knowledge that I CAN push myself to achieve things which previously I thought impossible. And if a 12 stone TV addict with a penchant for mini cheddars can do it, YOU can too.

For those who absolutely do NOT get it and don’t ever want to run a marathon: I used to say that I’d never challenge my body. But I weighed 12 stone 4lbs. I wore size 16 jeans and I thought walking to Sainsbury’s for more Cookie Dough Ben&Jerry’s counted as cardiovascular exercise. Now I look in the mirror after my shower and see the beginnings of abs. I can run for an hour without needing a nap. I can run for an hour and keep going if my hips and knees allow it. I can cycle at fairly high intensity for an hour and a half. Without falling off (mostly). I can swim a mile quite comfortably in one go, and quickly (for a girl). I can do all of those things because I’ve pushed myself just a bit (apart from at 5.30am on a Wednesday. I have to push hard then) but I’ve got off my ass and done it. Now I’m a size 10/12. I weight a smidge over 10st. I no longer hate my reflection. It IS achievable. If running a marathon or doing a triathlon is totally off limits, then why not set another goal? The possibilities are literally endless.

How do I find time around work, travel and life?

I *made* time. You have to. I’m fortunate enough to have evenings and weekends and no kids so my time is my own. But you’d be surprised how much time lying on a sofa and watching Sex and the City (again) took up. I see this as investment in my own self-worth and my future. I don’t want to be 30 and unhappy with my body. Or 50 and unwell because I didn’t look after myself. I want to be proud of me. And I will be!

Thinking about it yourself?

So. Why? Just because I could.

Don’t think. Do. Trainers on. Out the door. Go.

Screw you, Ironman.

I’ve been quiet for a while.

Between you and me, life has demanded too much of my attention of late. I was also waiting for a very important magazine to arrive.

It did.



So no VLM for me.

Once I got over the rejection (not easy, no one says no to Bean) I realised I was relieved. I remembered how much it hurts to try and run 26.2 miles. And to train. And how expensive 7 months of intensive physio is.

Besides. I have other plans. More diverse plans. Running is fucking boring anyway. It’s much more exciting to have to try and not drown or fall off a bike during a race…

Frustratingly, I can’t register for the two events I want to do next year yet. Loch Leven Half needs me to run it. I ran a 2:27:27 in 2014. I need to go sub 2 hours in 2015. NEED TO.

I also NEED to do a triathlon. Aberfeldy will hopefully be my first foray into 70.3 distance SwimBikeRun.

Failing that, 10k seems to be my most favourite distance. So I’ll bash out some of those too.

Can’t help but feel deflated at not getting into VLM. I know it’s not the superest of bestest awesome prep ideas for a middle distance tri, but it’s my SECOND FAVOURITE city. And… Y’know…. Bling and that.

Anyway. If you got in, congratulations. I now hate you (not really).

I had to smile at the “Guaranteed Entry” for EMF. “The fastest marathon in the UK”

I’d also go with “the most badly organised, boring run with terrible communication post-race if you have any problems”.


Some great news last week; PhysioDan only wants to see me once a month now. Instead if fortnightly (was weekly). And I’ve been told to up my distance (gently). I WILL be ready for Movember 10k in Edinburgh. I will. (Please, legs).

I should probs change the name of this blog to SwimmingBikingRunningBean but I can’t be arsed.