I remember sitting down for my Higher Mathematics exam (non-calculator paper) and thinking “fuck. I am not prepared for this”. I failed. Quite tremendously. Much to my Dad’s dismay. 

Despite my emotions at that time, I had prepared the very best I could. I’d studied hard. Maths just wasn’t for me. 

Fast forward to now. 5 weeks from VLM. 4 weeks since my hip flexor became Very Bloody Sore. And I’ve run the grand total of about 10 kilometres. 

In just under 5 weeks I will be toeing the line of one of the most exciting events in the running world. I’m not relinquishing the opportunity to enjoy every second. But I know now that this is going to be a very well earned medal and a very painful recovery. 

Am I stupid? Probably. But I should be reminded that I am 200% stronger and fitter than I was when I attempted Edinburgh 2 years ago. I am also mentally ready for this beating. I think….

And lo. Etape still looms 7 weeks away on the horizon. Cycling is pain free (winning!) so I know, leg-death-depending, that I should be good for that beast. 

On Saturday, coach let me tag along for two of his TEN sufferfests during his Knights Of Sufferlandria challenge. Almost 3 hours of hard graft and 90km covered. Loved it. And he beasted it!

I am not suggesting for one single second that anyone should ever attempt to run a marathon with minimal training. So please understand that while I’ve not been out running, I have had my Physio and coach working to get me stronger and fitter with resistance work and cycling. My RHR continues to drop and my thresholds are moving in the right direction as well. I’ve also been training for this (largely) since September. It’s just my body has had other ideas.

So. 5 weeks to go. If anybody fancies supporting me by donating, please follow this link ❤️