Screw you, Ironman.

I’ve been quiet for a while.

Between you and me, life has demanded too much of my attention of late. I was also waiting for a very important magazine to arrive.

It did.



So no VLM for me.

Once I got over the rejection (not easy, no one says no to Bean) I realised I was relieved. I remembered how much it hurts to try and run 26.2 miles. And to train. And how expensive 7 months of intensive physio is.

Besides. I have other plans. More diverse plans. Running is fucking boring anyway. It’s much more exciting to have to try and not drown or fall off a bike during a race…

Frustratingly, I can’t register for the two events I want to do next year yet. Loch Leven Half needs me to run it. I ran a 2:27:27 in 2014. I need to go sub 2 hours in 2015. NEED TO.

I also NEED to do a triathlon. Aberfeldy will hopefully be my first foray into 70.3 distance SwimBikeRun.

Failing that, 10k seems to be my most favourite distance. So I’ll bash out some of those too.

Can’t help but feel deflated at not getting into VLM. I know it’s not the superest of bestest awesome prep ideas for a middle distance tri, but it’s my SECOND FAVOURITE city. And… Y’know…. Bling and that.

Anyway. If you got in, congratulations. I now hate you (not really).

I had to smile at the “Guaranteed Entry” for EMF. “The fastest marathon in the UK”

I’d also go with “the most badly organised, boring run with terrible communication post-race if you have any problems”.


Some great news last week; PhysioDan only wants to see me once a month now. Instead if fortnightly (was weekly). And I’ve been told to up my distance (gently). I WILL be ready for Movember 10k in Edinburgh. I will. (Please, legs).

I should probs change the name of this blog to SwimmingBikingRunningBean but I can’t be arsed.


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