Baby Steps

My name is Bean and it’s been 4 weeks and 4 days since my last run. And for the first time in over a year, I am mostly fine with this fact. I say mostly… like 80% fine with it. No. 70%…… Ok I am 60% fine with it.

I suppose having 3 disciplines to master takes the edge off a bit, because during Marathon training, if you’d taken away running, that would’ve just left, well… nothing. Except cake eating. Which I’m already a pro at.

The other factor which is currently playing to my “advantage” is that mid buying-season I have about 15 seconds spare per day and I really need those 15 seconds to sleep. The downside to buying 10 product groups and attending almost every single UK retailer trade show is that I am struggling to avoid The Trade Show Diet. Which consists mostly of Haribo, Murray Mints, Rocky Road and cake and coffee (copious, copious coffee). Sleep is reduced to almost none and my temper is shorter than ever. YAY. FUN.

Having to cut all training and re-introduce each discipline individually is quite the mental challenge. Breaking the “healthy” habits I worked so hard to instill has been tough. I lack the outlet I need for stress levels and the food and weight demons are creeping back up behind me… Fending these off along with trying to focus on my day-job is horribly time consuming.

It’s not all doom and gloom and dull hotels and pastries and weight gain though…

On a happy HAPPY note, I’ve now had two physio sessions for the ITBand Syndrome and there has been a huge improvement between them. Because… WAIT FOR IT…. SERIOUSLY THIS IS BIG NEWS….. I. Listened. To. Advice.

I know!!! Changed woman.

But what a difference! Initially the pain was so acute that sitting down, getting up, sitting back down, walking, stairs and hills all hurt. The pain was shooting and sudden and took my breath away. Now there’s just the odd little niggle and introducing turbo slowly and sporadically has been beneficial. 3 sessions with marked improvements in pain levels and performance each time.

Today was a big day, too. Today I was allowed to SWIM.


Swimming is my very special favourite. I feel so at ease in the water now. Almost as if I didn’t leave it for underage drinking, snogging boys and smoking all those years ago. And even though the end of the pool was out of use and I was restricted to 20m, this break in my comfort zone didn’t cause the type of overwhelming fear that it would’ve this time last year.

I did 1400 steady meters and it felt like hard work but for all the right reasons. And no ITBand pain AT ALL. Huge relief.

I am, for now at least, two thirds of the way back to being a triathlete.

Next week, Coach JP and I begin The Hard Work with The Grand Plan and it will be good to start implementing more structure to my training and my diet. (Even if I have to cut down on the cake a LITTLE TINY BIT)

Dan will see me again in a couple of weeks, reassess and then maybe, maybe, MAYBE I will get to attempt a run.

But… baby steps.