No offence.

Now. Before I start, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not easily offended, nor do i ever really give a shit about what people choose or choose not to wear. Wear what you like and wear it with pride. But……

I was in a generic supermarket today (rhymes with Yaldi) and a woman walked passed me in some sweaty running kit. She’d clearly been for a jog as she was wearing her sweat with pride and the kind of smugness that shouts “yes I’m gonna buy this pizza and devour it and I deserve it”. What struck me about her was her t shirt slogan. I had to double take:

“It’s called running, fatty. You should try it.” 

Jesus. Now. I can see the funny side in literally almost anything. But I can’t see the funny side in that. 

Having recently had a vent about prejudice I experience due to my booty and what is left of my boobs (“gosh you dont LOOK like you train 6 days a week”) I was perplexed by this. Not wanting to be a hypocrite or anything but I couldn’t help noticing that she wasn’t exactly a whippet herself. I only had that thought because her horrendously catty t shirt made me take stock of her general appearance. Otherwise I’d have just shared a knowing smile with a fellow runner as I browsed the cured meats. 

What a fuck awful slogan. What a way to give runners a shitty name, you judgemental swine. If you own one of those t shirts, hang your head in shame. That is NOT supportive. 

It’s very easy to get swept up by the pride you feel when you tick off another challenge or race or distance, but don’t ever forget that literally everyone has a battle. She shot me a look when I was reading her t shirt that, had I not been wearing a finishers medal and sweaty appearance myself (I’d just run a race. I don’t just wear my medals although give me half a fucking chance and I would…) she may well have thought “yeah you, fatty….” 

It’s a complex and challenging subject that I’m not going to delve into in detail. We live in a society where obesity is becoming the norm. But there are ways to make a point about a healthy lifestyle that don’t point the finger of shame at others who may actually be trying to make a change as well. 

So before you make that nasty comment within ear-shot of someone you don’t believe conforms to certain norms, and before you pick up that “fuck you, fatty” t shirt cause it’s “funny”, even if you’ve lost 18 stone by getting fit and feel you have the right to belittle others…. take a minute to think about how it would feel to see your own insecurities highlighted sarcastically on a t shirt.