The Battle Continues

After finishing the Edinburgh Marathon in May, my first endurance event, I knew I’d need to have some more goals.

Being the type of person who NEEDS to have things to work towards, and having caught the bug 100%, the realisation that I had done *quite* a lot of damage by training through an injury was hard to cope with.

It was 6 painful, frustrating weeks before I was even permitted to run one mile. And after that, it was another 6 weeks before I got to 10k. Which felt amazing. I then registered for Perth 10k and Movember 10k in Edinburgh as a little “well done” to myself.

I also had the absolute pleasure of cheering some buddies on during the Aberfeldy Middle Distance tri which is going to (hopefully) be my first adventure on route to maybe one day manning up enough to be IronBean.

Anyway. Fast forward to the morning after my first 10k run in MONTHS…

I woke with a horrible, familiar twinge. *cue absolute rage and disappointment*

All my hard work was about to be undone.

In the time since EMF, I’d managed to get to the stage where, while firing about the Scottish countryside on my mountain bike, I was no longer almost killing myself (literally) on every ride.

Swimming was proving to be strong and fast too.

Because I’d figured running with a poorly knee and hip was maybe a shit plan, I’d started ramping up my MTB efforts in a bid to strengthen the joints and muscles.

A few days after the hip pain subsided post 10k, I was out of an evening and detected a “wobble” above my left knee.

“Shut up legs”

Ouch. More pain. Then burning. Then RAGE because CYCLING IS GOOD. Right?

Wrong. If you’re a fucking idiot like me who says “fuck you” to an actual injury and just bloody ignores it. *slow claps self*

Within days, Dr Not-my-usual-GP-and-not-a-runner diagnosed Tendonitis in Lateral, Patella and Quadricep tendons. It doesn’t cocking rain, it pours. So the Perth 10k was out the question then…

I had properly fucked myself.

No running or cycling for at least 3 weeks.


FML. “I am going to get OBESE”

I took to Facebook for a rant and received a private message from Steve Bonthrone, running nutter, fundraising genius and personal trainer. He very generously gave up some of his time to give me some exercises as his belief was that keeping the joint immobile would make things worse, and we should target the hip (source of the problem) to fix the knee.

I do those stretches twice a day just now. It’s working (thank you Steve! 🙂

Meanwhile it was all falling apart in the pool. Every swim resulted in a migraine. Either the pool is too hot or I’m going too hard or both. I’ve also developed anxiety issues. Possibly caused by breathing so I’ve had to scale this right back too.


So. Fast forward to now. 5 weeks post Dr. Physio told me last week to start cycling again. In low gears. A few times a week. I’m also allowed to run once per week. I ran on Friday and it felt slow, steady and light as a feather in the leg department. Only 1.2 miles but managed a sub 10:30 mile. The focus is not on pace, FYI. Runs are currently to “test the legs”. Dull but necessary. On a really positive note, despite feeling the opposite, I actually think that cross-trainer sessions in the gym at low resistance and high intensity have really increased my aerobic fitness, as I wasn’t out of breath at all.

Happily, PhysioDan and I have The Plan. So I can focus on it and work at it. I will not fuck this up. Build strength slowly in the legs. No weighted squats until acute pain is gone in knee. 1 run per week to test legs. 3 rides/turbo’s per week. Swimming as much as I want. Pilates. Physio every fortnight. Ice when required.

Easy, yeah?

Mentally, I’ve really struggled to cope. Mostly because I’m VERY conscious about putting on any weight. I’ve managed to stop eating like I’m running 40 miles a week, but I’m still putting it away. Not brilliant.

So onwards. And hopefully upwards. I remain cautiously optimistic that a return to MoRunning in November will be allowed. A PB would be nice on that total whore of a course. In addition to that, in 4 weeks time I find out if I’ve got my place in VLM2015. Shite.


Until the next rant…