Mum’s Healing Hands

Since last Sunday, I’ve been on a rest week. This wasn’t in my plan and it was hard to actually force myself not to run and to rest my shin.

The doctor diagnosed a simple sprain to my Posterior Tibialis. No shin splints yet but a high probability of developing them over the coming weeks. She has recommended me for sports physio but admitted it could take weeks to be seen and by that point I’ll be well on my way towards the marathon. So I’ve been told to continue training, but listen to my body and at the first sign of injury, rest, ice and cross-train only until the pain subsides.

I went straight from the doc’s to the gym where I bashed out an hours worth of Cross-Trainer time (5 miles and 6584ft climbed) and felt fab. Resting did me the world of good.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned so far in my blogs, that my mum is a qualified Bowen and MLD practitioner who also does Reflexology. You can read about these and her other therapies by clicking here.┬áIf you’re training for an event, I suggest you find someone as talented because she has helped me NO end. If you are based in central Scotland, and could use some pain relief or pain management, give her a ring.

Mum has been doing her research and worked out that the pain I’m experiencing in my Posterior Tibialis is caused by me turning my left ankle inwards at an angle to my leg as I run. This means that my left ankle and Post Tib muscles are not strong enough to take the impact of the ground yet. Here is a link to a video that explains this issue.

And here is a link to a site that gives you stretches that help strengthen these muscles. I will be doing these A LOT.

Mum had also watched a video by a physio in America who has developed a technique for relieving pain in the PosTib by easing out the Quadratus Lumborum in/above the hip. We tried this technique out last night and it made an immediate difference not just to my pain level, but to the strength of the leg against resistance, and also to my foot placement and posture. Again, I will be using this technique throughout my training.

This morning (Sunday again), I awoke to a light scattering of cloud and sunshine and I was READY.

Following a week of no running, and an hours worth of work on my legs by my mum, I decided I’d work on speed a bit and intersperse with a minutes walking every 3-4 miles.

I set off and spent the first mile trying to concentrate on my left ankle’s movement. However this was slowing me down too much and I had to abandon this. Luckily, there was little to no pain in my leg which is a marked improvement.

I sailed through 5k, 10k and then approached 15k. By mile 9, my right hip and knee were getting tight and my left Quad was a bit twingy. I stopped for a quick stretch and then paced a decent last mile.

Looking at my splits on Strava, I am now averaging 10.5 minutes per mile. Which is far above my predicted marathon pace. I’m not going to get complacent though, today was a good day. There will be sucky days too. ( which reminds me of a quote my pal Dougie mentioned this week. “Embrace the Suck”. Love it!)

I even managed to get mile 5 and 6 at exactly the same time. (10:43) This is a first!

In terms of fuel, I’d had a small piece of toast with Peanut Butter about an hour before setting off, and I hydrated with 650ml of water with a citrus High5 Tablet dissolved in it. This makes it tasty and gives me a carb/sugar/electrolyte boost as I run.

Overall, I managed PB’s over 10miles (1:50:49) and 15k (1:42:52) with a second best time on my 10k (1:06:49). I’m pretty delighted.

Fingers crossed the shin pain keeps a distance over the next few days. I’ve definitely learnt that I can rest if I need to.

Until next time…