Want to run a marathon? Get drunk, register, and tell all your friends.

Following the buzz of the Kiltwalk, I needed a new challenge. I’d started going for little jogs here and there, and decided that, despite my many previous misgivings, I actually didn’t hate it. Well….. much.

I’d been toying with the idea of training for a 10k or a half marathon. So I got a bit pissed one evening and registered for a FULL marathon. Because I’m fucking mental. 

Even worse, I’d already created a just-giving page and posted on Facebook. Here’s a link by the way…. if you want to justify my madness with a donation 🙂


So it was happening.

I received mixed feedback from various peers and friends, ranging from the incredibly supportive and “you can do it!!!” vibes through to, “you know it won’t be easy, right??”. Really?? No way. I thought I’d hop on a segue at mile 4 and cruise to the finish line…. 

Now let me get something straight… this isn’t something I’m rushing into. My drunken registration madness was back in July 2013. I’ve been in pre-training since and can now run comfortably for 40 minutes. My marathon training schedule has now started and I’m following one created for absolute beginners. 

Because beginners CAN do marathons. You’ve got to start somewhere, no? 

I’ve had a lot of comments about having never run in an event before too. But that’s why I’ve registered for several 10k’s and a couple of 1/2 Marathons before May 25th. 

I cannot give up, I won’t give up. Afterall, once it’s on Facebook, it’s HAPPENING.