One Week

I remember the nerves vividly. At this stage in the run up to Edinburgh I was nauseous, stressed and scared. Every time someone asked how I was feeling, instead of saying “great” or “scared” or “excited”, my mouth would open and the contents of my stomach would try to escape. Heavy dry-boke situation. 

Life has a funny way of providing perspective. So while I’m sitting here with 6 days to go, I’m nauseous, stressed and scared but for a totally different reason. (The job thing. And also I haven’t had coffee yet)

I find myself ridiculously excited about London, instead. 

Letting go of my goal was an important step. I’ve gone from wishing for a particular time, to just wishing for a fun day of touristing my way around London, very slowly, with 30,000 other smelly, sweaty individuals. 

I just. Want. To finish. 

It’s liberating. 

Also… The last time I had to do something endurance related, it was a triathlon. That’s 3 things I had to do. And not fall off or over or anything. I only have to do one thing this time. Granted, it’s running a fucking long way, but it’s not 70.3 miles and I’ve done it before. 

I suppose at this stage, the only thing that’s making me slightly nervous (other than the fact that I haven’t trained over 13.1 miles…) is how much my feet are going to hurt. I’ve not had the time to practise pain-ignoring. Or blister prep. To Vaseline or not to Vaseline? That is the question. (I’ve never had to use it yet but then I’d trained to distance before!!) 

I’ve not practised nutrition other than some delicious* gels on my half the other day. 

*entirely not delicious

So we can safely assume I’ll shit myself, have feet that resemble mince by mile 16 and not be able to walk for 5 weeks afterwards. 

Oh good. 

Most importantly I’ve no idea if my Garmin will go the distance. I mean…. If it’s not on Strava I may as well put my medal in the bin and forget it ever happened. 😱

On a serious note, I HAVE prepped my body in other ways besides sitting still, eating pies (many many pies) and doing the Not Running. My S&C coach has had me on a pretty well-rounded training schedule that’s worked on HR, endurance capabilities and muscle adaptation without the impact and wear on my joints that I’d have experienced had I been pushing the mileage. 

Mentally I feel zen-like* and calm** and prepared. I’m going to look up. Look around. “Embrace the suck” as my favourite motto reminds me. Take it all in. Enjoy being part of something so big. Hopefully making it to the finish and becoming #oneinamillion 

*in denial

** definitely in denial 

So! Good luck to our friends in Boston today, Madrid on Sunday and to my chums along the route in London. 

London? I’m not going to smash you. But I am going to tickle you gently under your chin. 


One thought on “One Week

  1. Take it nice and easy and enjoy the day. I’m speaking from experience here having just run the Paris marathon on a longest run of 10 miles, so in comparison you’re positively over-trained lol!
    Seriously though, you’ve done some other training and you’ve run a marathon before so you know what’s in store. My best advice is keep the pace down (even if you think you feel good), avail yourself of all the stuff at the aid stations, walk if you need to, take photos and soak up the atmosphere. It’s not every day your get to run the London friction’ marathon!!

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