Losing Stuff. 

*Liam Neeson voice*: “I have a particular set of skills…”

Skills which seem to include losing stuff:

My marbles, my dignity, my phone (it’s usually in my other hand) my car keys, my purse, my gym card, usually the left sock from a pair….

….And now my job. 

On March 24th, the company I’ve worked my Arse off for since 2009, was entered into administration. Shit just got grown up. 

I’m not going to delve into details because there’s little point. But I really really loved my job. And my team. And it’s pretty deflating to see product you so lovingly selected which had been so beautifully merchandised by my talented floor teams, be sold off to vultures who had previously never stepped foot in the door. 

Losing my job meant that I have lost *quite* a lot of sleep. A thing which is very important, not least when you’re at the pointy end of what’s been a difficult few months of training. Just enough sleep was lost so as to enable a vicious bug to creep in and knock me for six. Yeah. Cause things weren’t sucky enough! 

Thankfully, (and quite surprisingly) I’ve remained fairly positive throughout this latest ordeal. Perhaps it’s denial. Or…. This is an opportunity to get out of the rut that I’d become quite comfortable in. It’s the kick I need to do something different.

I just dunno what that is yet! 

Whilst chatting to my best chum recently, we discussed the trials and tribulations of life. When asked when we grew up, she simply replied “we didn’t. It’s just that grown up stuff keeps happening to us…” 

So. 18 days out from VLM, I’ve run no further than 14.5km and have a virus that’s wiped me out. I imagine I’ll not be winning VLM this year… I might adopt the race strategy of A Beer Every Mile instead.  

I think this bling will be hard earned. 


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