10 things what I have learned. 

You know what they say, “every day is a school day” and there is nothing I like more than a life lesson or general finding-out of something. 

In a previous blog I discussed the 8 things I have learnt about endurance. And myself and I’ve continued my education since. 

I shall now review the things I have learnt since becoming Half-IronBean. 

Prepare to be amazed. 

1. I can still fucking eat.

Seriously. My plan to go on a nice easy cut after the tri lasted 4 days before my brain decided that a cut meant holy crap let’s just eat everything I think I’m getting a cold oh god I can’t get sick let’s fix it with carbs. All the carbs. So I went on a cut and gained a kilo. Winning. At. Life. 

Happily I have gone back on that “cut” except now it’s just called “normal calorific intake that normal people eat” and I feel much better. And it’s working. Slowly. 

2. I don’t miss getting up at 5am. 

I’ll have to soon enough. When Etape and VLM training commence in January, I’ll need to fit it all in. Hoo-sodding-Ray. I can’t just pick ONE EVENT. nope. But for now my alarm doesn’t venture pre-6am and I am OK with that. 

3. I recovered FAST! 

After my marathon, I could literally not bend my knees for 5 whole entire days. People called me “limpy” at work for a month. I could’ve gone for a run 2 days after Aberfeldy. I say “could’ve”. I would sooner have eaten my unwashed kit from the day. But I was FINE. 

4. I miss having A Plan. 

I am a list person. I think I’ve mentioned this. I enjoy a list of things to do. My little world is very chaotic and stressful. I speak to many many people every day and make many many decisions. So it is really nice to have my coach put a workout in my Training Peaks for me, and I can just work my own way through it. For those hours spent in the gym I just tick things off a list. And I’m seeing massive improvements in strength. Literally loads. I can lift things. And put them down. It is good. 

5. I have not immediately gained 60kgs and given up all activity. 

I was sorely tempted to burn all my kit… But I didn’t. I’ve discovered a real pleasure in time spent alone away from technology and inane questions about company policy and housework and telly. I *like* running. And cycling. And for the most part, despite a structured plan to improve strength and conditioning, I am getting to do things and *enjoy* them. Such a treat. 

6. I still like soreen. 

Yup. There. I said it. I still like it and would eat it out of choice. It is healthy cake. 

7. I don’t *need* cake to be happy. 

I’ve had to reluctantly admit this. Knowing that January will come and mileage will creep up and carbs will once again get to feature in my world on a larger scale. While I look forward to more days of cake-based joy, I know I can get some enjoyment from a delicious banana or a mint tea. 

*cries a bit about the tea* 

8. I do not miss Lane Rage. 

Saturday afternoon foot-tapping is currently a thing of the past and this is a good thing. I do miss the hour spent submerged in my own thoughts while happily bashing out 3000m without breaking a sweat. But the choppers doing doggy paddle in the only fecking lane are gone from my life for now. 

9. I have not miraculously become an excellent bikist. 

Quite the oppsite. As it turns out you actually need to cycle more than once a week to stay good. I’m just keeping basic miles in my legs right now but I was sorely disappointed to only get 3rds on Strava on my last outing. It felt like it was fast, too. And there was no force 10 gale either. This simply won’t do. 

10. I miss my wetsuit!

I don’t think anyone has ever said that. Only a certain demographic enjoy slipping into something unflattering and rubbery, and I’m not that demographic. But I really miss swimming amongst shopping trolleys and used syringes! I do! There is something liberating about open water. I mean, I could go for a dip but I don’t want to die of exposure. It’s Scotland, for fucks sake. It’s October. It’s basically mid-winter now. 

Roll on May. 

Onwards to more learning of things… 

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