Right. Time for a sensible and hopefully helpful post. Fellas, this one isn’t for you. Unless you have boobs. Or like boobs. In fact no. It’s not for you. 

After a chat with Christine Bertram over on The Twitter, I feel compelled to write about the benefits of having a properly fitted sports bra. 

Some of you who know me personally (lucky you) will know what my day job is. For those that don’t, when I’m not out pounding pavements or being killed by my bike, I am a fitter and a buyer for Lingerie. I first trained as a fitter in 2003. I’ve been working with it since. 

One of the things I see frequently other than women in poorly fitted bras, is women in poorly fitted sports bras or no sports bra at all. Let me be quite frank here:


Did I make that clear? 

Ok good. 

So. Some science. In our boobs, we have things called Cooper’s Ligaments. These help support the breast tissue and once they begin to stretch they will not go back. Even with surgery. These can slacken with age, but most commonly with inadequate support. 

For a long time it was believed that running or “vigorous movement” (giggidy) produced a vertical pattern of movement in the breasts. Actually it’s now been proven that it causes a figure of 8 movement and that is what does the damage.

So. How do you know if you are wearing a correctly fitting bra? Here’s some tips:

  • When were you last measured? Fitters recommend a fit every 6 months. Especially if you’re active or losing weight. Body shape can change a lot in that time. 
  • Go independent. Find a local lingerie shop or independent department store. Their fitters generally have more broad knowledge and experience than in high street stores limited to own-brand products. 
  • Do some googling. Find out what’s popular! 
  • Try some on! A bra will always feel tight at first. Not restrictive. But you should be aware of it supporting you around your ribs. 
  • Sometimes boobs hurt after exercise. If they are very painful around the top of the breast, they are likely not getting adequate support. 

So often I see girls in the gym who are just wearing a normal t shirt bra on the treadmill. I want to say something but there’s no easy way to broach the subject without coming across as a mental. “Hi. I’ve noticed your boobs…” 

So ladies. Please PLEASE make sure you’re fitted. As a runner myself, i have first hand experience of how much better you can feel. And look!! It gives you a greater sense of security and confidence knowing you’re not going to hurt afterwards. 

There are loads out there to choose from. My personal favourites are Shockabsorber’s Run bra. Bit of a mare to get on or off but worth it! And the Panache Sport bra. It’s underwired with a silicone coated wire for additional support and comfort. It’s also moulded with a formed cup for shape and security. 

Ladies, get fitted. 

Bean x

(Please note that these views are my own and I have not been paid by Shockabsorber or Panache) 

4 thoughts on “BOOBS! LOOK AFTER THEM. 

  1. Reblogged this on cbertramtriathlon and commented:
    This morning I came across a Facebook post that made me shiver, cringe and feel very sad. There was a woman looking for advice on a decent sports bra after she found that her combination of 2 normal (!) bras and a Lonsdale gym bra started to chafe a bit as she increased running distance.

    It baffles me, that something so obvious as getting a properly fitting and supportive sports bra seems not to be so obvious. I hate the thought that women are put off of sport because of something like an illfitting sports bra. After venting my frustration and sadness on Twitter, I had an insightful conversation with @madame_la_bean who it turns out knows a thing or two about bra fitting, which then inspired a blog post with some rather useful advice. So without further ado, have a read and: Look after your boobs, will ya!

  2. Great post. I often find myself having a similar conversation with new runners in Steve’s running groups! And the Shock Absorber Run is my favourite too – whenever there’s a new colour I end up buying it!

  3. I’m barely an A cup so I seem to get away with pretty basic sportsbras with no problem. I have seen other women though, who, in my judgment, could do with better support – I never realized it can actually cause you to hurt after working out though!

    And yes, how do actually suggest that someone could do with a bra-fitting without appearing super creepy?!

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