Busy Bean

So what have I been up to?

It’s been a fun and weird couple of weeks since Glenlivet. I’ve had a cold/bug/weird thing attempting to push through the many many vitamin supplements, bananas and apples that I have been inhaling.

Last Saturday, I awoke with The Fear. Usually reserved for Uber Hangovers, I was fairly surprised to feel remarkably rough having had no booze. Vitamins, many gallons of water and a Positive Mental Attitude ensued and thankfully, following my “long” run (12km) for the week, I felt a bit brighter. I then spent the afternoon with Coach penning my new, improved, immeasurably more balanced and sensible training plan.

A key part of my training plan was to up my calorific intake to 2500 kcals a day. JP knew this would be difficult to take in. Especially as this additional 500 calories is basically coming from carbs. My initial fear was somewhat calmed when I weighed myself over the next few days and discovered that not only had my weight gone down, but it has stayed the same all week. Phew.

Sunday was a big day. Sean (future bro in law) and I took part in the British Swimathon. We’d opted for the 5km relay and were allowed to divide this into 500m chunks. Perfectly manageable. Bit rubbish that we were in a lane with a team of 5 who had their 3 fastest swimmers right at the end. Just as we each did our final sets, we were being lapped by teenagers on their 30th length.

Consistency ruled the day and each set was comfortably under 10 minutes. Good training!

Some ace bling, to boot!



The only photo you’ll ever see of me in a swim cap, FYI…

After the swim, Sean and I had planned a road ride. I was very VERY kindly (and somewhat begrudgingly) lent my other half’s recently built Ridley Icarus. We carbed up, lycrad up and set off.

My confidence hasn’t been great on the bike. Although I haven’t really mentioned it at all, (aahahahahaha) the fall I had at Loch Oich last year really dented my already dwindling confidence and I have a very real fear of falling off. The MTB is obviously slow on the road and the Ridley Crosswind (other half’s cyclocross) has a weird geometry that really doesn’t suit me. So any ride I’ve done on that has been littered with weird cramps, inability to stand for hill climbs (weird center of gravity issues) and an over-reach that gives me back ache.

But. The Icarus is a flying machine. We were home in less than an hour on a route that’s been taking me over 70 minutes to get round. Even with a headwind I was topping 14mph for most of the ride. AND I COULD STAND UP TO CLIMB HILLS!!!

PRs everywhere!!!


The company was ace and the conditions perfect. Confidence (slightly) restored.

This week, I finally confirmed with my wonderful Mummy that I’d be fundraising for Lymfund this year. A charity very close to our hearts.

I’ll hand over to MummyBean for a bit of info:

‘Lymfund’ is a small national charity, run by MLDUK, an association of therapists qualified to treat people who suffer with chronic conditions which have developed as the result of a damaged or incomplete lymphatic system.  The conditions include secondary lymphoedema (which may develop as a result of cancer treatment or surgery); primary lymphoedema (people born with the condition) and Lipoedema, a painful condition affecting the skin and underlying tissues.

The aim of the charity is to provide financial support for the cost of treatment for those persons in necessitous circumstances with a medical condition, which may respond to MLD therapy.

As it is a small charity, funding may only be applied for by practitioner members of MLDUK, who are qualified to treat people with these chronic medical conditions.


So there you go. Lymphoedema and Lipoedema are often mis-diagnosed and treatment is available out there. My wonderful mummy, along with many other therapists, help to treat these debilitating conditions.

In case you don’t know what Lymph is, it’s basically the clear stuff that comes out of a blister. We all have it, in a very very thin layer beneath our skin. It is an intrinsic part of our immune system. It flows beneath the skin and circulates itself but sometimes, as my mum explains, it can over-produce in the body, either when lymph nodes are removed during cancer treatment, or the condition can develop naturally. It leads to oversized limbs and can affect only one limb, multiple limbs bilaterally and even other, more private parts of the body. It is a condition that not many people know exists. And I want to help change that.

This year, I’m training my arse off (quite literally) for the Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon and the Loch Leven Half Marathon. I raised a ridiculously amazing amount for Maggie’s Centres last year, and you were all incredibly supportive. I know that every other person is fundrasing for something right now, but if you can spare anything, it would really REALLY help at 5am tomorrow when I have to sit on a turbo trainer for an hour and listen to myself sweat.

Text GINN86 and any amount to 70070 or click here….https://www.justgiving.com/triathlon-bean/

Thank you! xxx


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