Slow Progress

“Embrace the suck” 

One of my many mantras, which sits upon my wrist 24/7. Gifted to me by a wonderful buddy. 

I’ve been embracing the suck. All of it. And now I’m ready for it not to suck anymore. 

How much more patience is required? Because, for a quality I lack on so many levels, I seem to have had to nut-up and find a fucktonne of it within myself. 

Today was my first run in 8 weeks. Eight. I have 22 weeks until Aberfeldy. I have frighteningly less than that until my half marathon (which is really just a medalled training run) and all my confidence is GONE. 

The last 8 weeks have looked like this: Work. Home. Eat. Train (barely). Eat. Sleep. Work. Physio. Weights. Work. 

I’ve been more stressed and more under pressure in those 8 weeks than I have in the last 8 years. It’s all good prep I suppose. The work stress won’t abate until August. At least. And neither will the training. So really this baptism of fire is just a tepid introduction to 2015. 

I’ve whispered I can cope, I can do this to myself 15 times a day for the last 3 weeks as I drag my injured ass between London and Birmingham and home with tiring frequency. With the last of my big buying trips behind me I can now focus on clearing the backlog of work in the office and try to get myself back to full fitness. 

Although I’ve not been able to run, I have been doing a great deal of strength training with Coach JP and believe it or not I am actually getting stronger. And, perhaps more shockingly given the size of the pizza I inhaled on Friday, I’ve started to grasp nutrition. 

All these tiny green shoots of recovery, and yet still the fog won’t clear. 

In my previous blog, Baby Steps I chatted about the importance of returning to each discipline individually. I think that’s the key, here. Too much and I’ll incur another injury. Possibly. (Probably) 

So where does this leave me? Over-cautious. Over-anxious. Over it. 

Today’s run was to be short and slow. So I figured a zone 3 HR-based run would be a good plan. 

I wish I could go back in time to the point where I said *lightbulb* I’ll set HR alerts on my Garmin. 

Stupid Bean. 

I spent 3.3km/24minutes CURSING the bastard thing for beeping at me THE WHOLE TIME.

HR IS TOO LOW beep HR IS TOO HIGH beep HR IS TOO HIGH ad fucking infinitum. 

This meant my first run in ages was ruined by loudly cursing at my watch every 15 seconds and slowing to a pace that would’ve been better as a walk. 


Even the addition of my weird and posh new Shockabsorber run tights couldn’t lift me. 

My next run will be Wednesday. With HR alerts firmly switched to OFF. 

Luckily bike and swim have both been good. Bike is limited to 30min sessions just now which suits me fine because Turbo is SUPER dull. And within those 30 minutes I’ve seen progress on cadence and resistance. 

The next few weeks will hopefully see a return to running fitness with the initial goal of a 10k mid April. I want to run it with The Other Half to start getting him some bling. I won’t be putting too much pressure on myself for this though. That’s how I got into this mess in the first place… 


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