Battles and Goals

I’ve been struggling a bit with a few demons lately.

First off, the age-old “oh fuck, please don’t get fat again” mill has started churning out “put that down” thoughts while eating anything remotely delicious and guilt-tripping myself for wishing I could just spend ONE SINGLE DAY on the sofa.

Secondly, and most challenging to conquer is the “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE” thought process. I will be stuck in a circle with this until a) PhysioDan tells me I can run again and can therefore register for some 10ks and start re-training. And b) October. When I find out if I’ve got through the ballot for VLM2015.

Until such time as I can run sans crippling hip pain, I am frozen in a state of “what can I train for now?”

I’m a VERY goal-oriented individual. With an average of 1 serious promotion per year since graduating only 6 years ago, I need to know I can push myself further and higher and better. Or I get fidgety and miserable. I need things to work towards and I need things to look forward to.

It’s not all doom and gloom and endless days of nothingness, a few events round the corner are keeping me going…

• reunions and beers
• wedding of a favourite (and I’m a bridesmaid with a v posh frock)
• celebratory marathon ink
• work related travel
• spectating at the Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon (an event I’m keen to do in 2015)

But. Amongst that, I WISH there were some runs I could work towards.

Currently I’m out on my bike as often as my arse permits (alternate days) and beasting one of the local trails with PBs and QOMs over almost every stage I cycle now. (In both directions,
AHTHANKYOU) But this is temporary. Soon I’ll reach maximum capability and that is going to happen way before Project RoadBike is complete. Luckily (or not) I will have to re-learn it all once I get cleats. Something that scares me more than a full distance Ironman. I will now be physically clipped to the thing that repeatedly tries to kill me. GREAT.

When I’m not biking, my time is spent in the pool and gym. I swam 1600m continuously in under 38 mins this week. I’m told that’s fast. Above average. I am beginning to wonder if the pool clock is right. Garmin Swim should be with me soon enough so that I can time more accurately. Either way, the swimming comes both naturally and easily so my goals there consist of distance and pacing in order to be quicker than your average Bean. Let’s face it. If I do go onto half IM distance next year (I will.) the running will be shocking so I will need to be one of the first out of the water!!

Work will start to get I the way of training and fitness between mid July and mid October as I am on the road a lot of the time. I’m then into winter training mode. Which will now mean turbo and leaving a warm leisure centre into air that is colder than a witch’s tit. A thought that fills me with about as much excitement as football does. (Not a whole lot at all).

Anyway. At least the pool is vaguely heated. So I can spend my evenings there. And who knows, maybe I’ll be running by October!


2 thoughts on “Battles and Goals

  1. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to keep fit until you’re able run again. I’m in a similar position with an injury preventing me from running. I’ve done a little swimming, some strength work and used the exercise bike, but today I was brave and went out on my real bike for the first time in years!
    Try to be patient. You may not have a race goal at present, but being fit enough to run well when you make your comeback is a goal in itself so focus on that. Good luck!

    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much. It’s hard when you’re used to something that you love to step away but I’m learning to have patience and I’m lucky I can get out and cycle and swim so at least I feel like I’ve tired myself out. The worst part is all the extra energy I have now!! Thanks for your lovely words xxx

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