13.1 – Baby’s First 1/2 Marathon

“If you’re going to run 12.5 miles, you might as well run 13.1” – GinnieBean  – 16.03.14 

Lucky you. You get a bonus blog this week as a significant milestone has been met. 

Hydration: 750ml water with 1 x SiS Soluble Electrolyte & Carb tablet (summer fruits…), 2 High5 Energy Gels. Both rank.

I started out fine and realised after 2 miles that I’d forgotten to take my Ibuprofen and hadn’t brought any with me. This meant that I had to start pain-prevention techniques from 4 miles as my hips were beginning to tighten. My pain prevention technique utilises Pilates breathing to enable me to visualise muscles relaxing and joints loosening. All a bit hippy sounding but quite effective. Essentially, breathe strength in, breathe the pain OUT. 

At mile 5, having spent the previous miles working hard to “not think about anything” and just visualise finishing the Marathon, (it’s hard to do that…) I had a really fucking good cry. Proper sobs. I’d accidentally veered into the “who am I doing this for” chapter. Therefore I had to stop because 1. I couldn’t breathe regularly and 2. I looked like a mental. So I decided I’d think only about happy things i.e. that first Gin and Tonic after finishing the marathon. That kept me going for a while…

A little walking was required at miles 5, 7 (half way stretch) and 8 for energy gels. I was running into headwinds virtually the whole way. Energy gels are best consumed at walking speed in those conditions due to the risks of spillage. And no one likes a face-full (am-I-Right, ladies??).

Because I can’t get it out my head, I feel I should write down who I’m doing this for. Which might be a bit emosh, so soz and that…


Brave, funny, strong Mum. Who’s fought and beaten many things. Who’s supported, cheered, loved and nurtured me and my incredibly talented sister for our whole lives. Who’s stepped back and let us make ridiculous mistakes. Who didn’t judge when we made them. Who got up and kept going when the shit hit the fan. Who is giving me weekly Bowen treatments to keep me strong and agile. My absolute hero. 


She gave me my love of clothing, which ultimately led me to my career. She gave me my middle name. She gave me decent eyebrows and a fiercely opinionated streak. She also told me that whatever I wanted to achieve, not to ever let anything or anyone stand in my way. She fought bravely, and with dignity. She taught me to be strong.


He loved my Granny from the age of 14. He taught me how to see the best in people. How to be patient (well he TRIED to teach me patience). How to work hard to be successful. A real life hero, who was awarded an MBE and continued to do amazing things for charities and his community until he passed away. Everyone who met him loved him. He taught me how to be a good person. 


My sister’s best friend and the man she is going to marry. Brave, strong and hilarious. A truly amazing gent who had to experience something no twentysomething should ever have to. A truly ace guy who I’m thrilled to be getting as a brother. 


A dear friend who spent many happy and ridiculously funny hours teaching me card games in such a fashion that I could never beat him. My sister’s god father. Father to 3 amazing women and husband to my Godmother. A man who fought with such an incredibly positive attitude. He lived his life to the absolute full. An inspiration. 


Can you see why I was crying so much? All I could picture was my mum telling me to get a grip and MAN UP!!!

Until next week, when I will be thinking ONLY of gin.


Laterz x


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