Lessons learned.

Here are 3 important things what I have learnt this week.

Fitness is dangerous.

Picture the scene: I’m home from a run. It’s shower time. I try to remove my sports bra (Shockabsorber Run Bra) and one of the hooks gets caught.

It’s racer back. Which, fellas, means that I cannot get my arms out by slipping the straps over my shoulders. You go in head first.

I end up with one arm
stuck and the other powerless.

I consider calling for help.

I have to have a lie down and a word with myself.

Eventually, and I’m still unsure how, I get myself out.

I was shaking for about an hour afterwards.


Sport is dangerous.

Running is better with a friend than with your own thoughts.

I’ve been on short runs with friends but nothing more than 6 miles. Truth be told I’m worried I’ll realise that actually I’m shit and useless.

Turns out I’m not. I chatted quite comfortably until mile 7 when I got a stitch (random??!!) and then had to get her to tell me stories for a bit until I regulated my breathing.


I learned a big lesson with nutrition this week.

Usually, when I run, I eat within half an hour of getting home. It’s hard as I want to make sure I stretch enough but half an hour seems to be my cut off before I start getting dizzy and crabbit. I hydrate with electrolyte/carb drink en route and usually have a light snack before I go.

I don’t really get hungry until mile 9. So far anyway.

This week, I got home and for whatever reason, decided I’d do fucking HOUSEWORK. This meant it was over an hour before I ate.

Within 20 minutes of finishing French Toast, I was dizzy, sick and STARVING.

Boyfriend had to feed me noodles to get my blood sugar back up. Properly shit.

And THEN I managed not to eat a single carb on Tuesday. For no other reason than I had no time and I’m a bit of a pleb. So as soon as I got out I was in trouble. I couldn’t run through the niggles. I had indigestion. I wanted to vomit.

Not cool.

I also sampled an energy gel this week. Which has horrid consistency. They will need getting used to…

This Sunday will be 12.5 miles and the start of big mile building.

Bring it.


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