I’ve met all my running targets this week which is a first. Plus 5 miles on two nights and 10 miles today.

My shin pain has improved following a second treatment and continued ankle strengthening.

This week on my distance run I had a friend come along who kept me talking which finally showed me that I can run consistently. A bit of a boost, really.

I’m starting to understand how I’m changing both physically and mentally.

Physically I am stronger, leaner and less achy (FINALLY THANK YOU, LEGS) and my lungs no longer burn after a run. I have been on a mission to shift an annoying 4lbs this week and definitely felt the benefit on my ankles today. This is something I will do in preparation for the marathon in May.
My physical pain levels are changing too. Shin pain faded and made way for my right hip to crush my hopes and dreams by seizing and causing some real issues deep into the joint. Hoping a date with my foam roller will effectively iron that out.

Mentally I feel more confident. And more and more like I might be able to push myself to do this. A friend and IronMan asked me if I feel proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I’m not really sure. On a good day I’m high as a kite and I am so amazed at my inner strength and how I’m pushed through all the mental and physical barriers so far. I have to keep reminding myself that less than a year ago, running an actual mile was an impossibility for me. I’ve come from nothing.

If you’re reading this, and you’ve started from scratch too, just remember that.

Tomorrow brings a no-doubt achy train journey to Glasgow for work. But also means I get to visit Greaves (my favourite sports shop) and look at replacing my tired old Asics…



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