The big 1-0.

It’s been looming in the distance for a while now. Like a rain cloud when you’ve forgotten your brolly; You know it’s coming, but you’re not quite prepared for when it hits.

10 miles.

Mile 7 required approximately 100 yards of walking when I had a sock vs. knee pit related itch that needed to be sorted, but I felt pretty good and upon completion even rewarded myself with some finger-guns in celebration.

The weather was pretty great today too; sunny, crisp but with a strong headwind. The sun is fabulous and living in Scotland, I feel like I should celebrate it’s arrival however it makes the basic task of seeing where you are going *quite* hard. Anyway, I’ll put up with blindness for some much-required vitamin D.

I tried out my new purchase which proved to be a winner. I nipped into Greaves Sports in Glasgow last week and picked up an Adidas ClimaWarm top. It’s moisture wicking but brushed inside so it has thermal properties. Well. Best money I’ve spent in ages. It has super long sleeves with thumb holes and is neon pink. So perfect for night running too.

Once I got passed mile 4 and my current favourite Strava stage, the miles flew in. Now I’m home enjoying some eggy bread with a milkshake and enjoying the fact that I burnt 1200 calories.

The next 4 weeks of training see me on a constant 6-6-3-10 until I then hit 12 miles on a Sunday.




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