Mind Over Matter

I ran 7.1 miles this morning. Not very quickly, but still. That’s 7.1 miles more than if I’d chosen to stay in and hide from the sideways rain.

Following the disaster that was Thursday night, when I nearly had to phone my Better Half and ask him to come and pick me off a pavement when my ankles felt like they were about to give in, I didn’t hold out much hope for today’s distance run.

I did a bit of Research and discovered that some of my leg pain may be relieved by swapping shoes once and a while. I switched my pretty new and part broken-in Nike FreeRun 5.0’s for my battered old Asics GT1000’s and boom. Off I went. Following a few initial aches and pains, I was soon jogging through the 3 mile mark. The only thing holding me back today were badly behaved dogs off their leads (rage), deaf old buggers with their hoods up, blind old bats in their honda jazz’s with no concept of road and pavement users right-of-way and the prevailing winds and sideways rain.

I decided on a new mantra the other night: mind over matter. And that’s what helped me today. Every time I hurt or I want to walk, MIND OVER MATTER. KEEP GOING. ONE MORE MILE. YOU CAN HAVE PASTRY WHEN YOU GET HOME.

Here I sit, with a sleepy cat on my lap, having eaten my guilt free pain-au-chocolat and I feel GOOD!!!!



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