No pain, no gain?

People say wonderful things to you when you take on any kind of challenge.

I’m proud of the fact that I’m trying hard. I’m trying my HARDEST, in fact. Being told you’re amazing and inspiring is incredible, but I have to say that sometimes it’s undeserved and I feel like a fraud.

Training is hard. Very hard. Sometimes I push myself so hard I throw up. Which is not good. And sometimes, like today, I actually CANNOT do it. All I had to do was run 7.5 miles. That’s fuck all, right?

No. It’s the furthest I’ve ever run in one go. And I couldn’t do it. I got to 5 miles. Maybe it was boredom from treadmill miles. Hopefully that’s what it was. I managed 2 miles after that on the cross trainer but I hurt. And all I wanted to do was cry and give up.

What I want is sometimes just to lie down and say “i CANT do this” and then instead of saying “you don’t have to” someone could maybe say “yes you can”.

Truth is, I’m not even close to two-digit distances yet and the pain in my legs, knees and ankles is killer.

Can you actually run through that shit? I’m pretty much going to HAVE to.

One thought on “No pain, no gain?

  1. It’s finding the balls to run through that shit that makes the difference Ginnie. The mind will give up long before the body is ready to.

    You have it in you, the key to unlock the power is in your hand.

    Keep on running.

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