Choosing a charity.

This was pretty bloody hard. The Kiltwalk was ace. It already had designated charities set. The 10k I ran in November was for Movember. 

This was different. There are HUNDREDS of deserving charities. 

In the end I chose Maggie’s Centres (click there to visit their website). They provide support and care for people living with cancer. Not just the patients, but their families and friends. Amazing stuff. 

If you visit my just-giving page (link below) you can read about WHY I chose them. My x-factor sob story if you like. Just without Louis Walsh’s peculiar smile.

Once I’d chosen the charity, it gave me a renewed sense of purpose. So now I know I can push myself to achieve my goal. 


One thought on “Choosing a charity.

  1. Really enjoying reading your blog, please keep it up! Noticed you’re fundraising for charity, did you know that Eden Springs offer free water for fundraisers? More info here: but pretty simple really, apply on the website, stick their fundraising badge on your fundraising page and receive free water! Thought it might be worth sharing with you as a fellow runner! 🙂

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